Toutes les organisations de personnes migrantes et réfugiées sont appelées à contribuer au TPP en déposant avant le 30 novembre 2017 des témoignages et rapports d’expertises en suivant la méthodologie suivante :

  • Référencer son apport sur le document de travail collectif en suivant ce lien ;
  • Remplir le document en pièce jointe “Fiche expertise” ou “Fiche témoignage” et le renvoyer à l’adresse

Ces contributions seront ensuite organisées et triées en vue de l’audience des 4 et 5 janvier au CICP.

Demande de signatures d’organisations, collectifs, réseaux
Vous trouverez ici l’Appel international à l’organisation d’un Tribunal permanent des peuples (TPP) sur la violation des droits humains des personnes migrantes et réfugiées, et son impunité.

Il inclut les objectifs et le processus du tribunal. Il est important de compter avec la signature de vos organisations respectives.

Cliquez ici pour enregistrer votre signature pour la saisine d’un TPP en France.

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Modèle Témoignage
Modèle Expertise

PPT on the violation of the human rights of migrant
and refugee persons and its impunity
Paris, France


The aim of the PPT is to identify and judge the chain of responsibility for human rights violations throughout the entire migration trajectory “from below”, based on the experience of the most involved and directly affected people. , migrant and refugee organizations, and solidarity and human rights organizations. The inaugural session took place in Barcelona on July 6 and 7, 2017.

FOCUS – European Union and European states policy on migrants and borders; particularly the case of France

The Paris session will focus on European Union and European states policy on migrants and borders; particularly the case of France. The Tribunal will be a platform where cases of violations of the rights of migrant and refugee people made visible to:

  • register proposals from migrant and refugee communities;
  • analyze jointly the causes of forced displacement of migrant and refugee persons;
  • determine the responsibilities of governments, European Union and other European bodies included.

The tribunal will be held at the International Center for Popular Culture, CICP, 21 ter rue Voltaire in Paris. The conclusions and the sentence will be read Sunday, January 7, 2018 at the closing of the Moussem Festival of Immigration and Tricontinental, in Gennevilliers.

The Paris session of the PPT is organized by the Transnational Migrant Platform Europe (TMP-E), TNI (Transnational Institute), FAL (France Latin America) and CEDETIM (Center for Studies and Initiatives of International Solidarity). The indictment will be prepared and coordinated by GISTI.

Call for signatures for referral to the Permanent Tribunal of Peoples

Associations, organizations, groups and networks wishing to join the TPP session in Paris can register the name of their association, the link if you have a website, the name of a correspondent and his email.
Thanks to the signatory organizations for completing the list and indicating the contact of a correspondent.

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You can also sign the International call for the Organization of a Permanent Peoples’ Tribunal (TPP) on the violation of the human rights of migrant and refugee people and their impunity. It includes the objectives and process of the court.
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Call for contributions

All migrant and refugee organizations are invited to contribute to the TPP by filing, if possible by November 30, 2017, testimonials and expert reports following the following methodology:

1. Refer your input to the collective working document by following this link; (The format of the collaborative document is simplified to facilitate the exchanges).

2. Send a description of the testimony (4000 characters maximum) to the following address: tpp-paris@riseup.netbefore November 30.

Next steps:

  • November 30, 2017: Desired date of receipt of testimonials and expert reports;
  • December 12 2017: Press Conference on the occasion of World Migrants Day;
  • January 4 and 5, 2018: Public TPP hearing at CICP, 21 ter rue Voltaire in Paris;
  • January 7, 2018: The conclusions of the TPP will be read at the plenary session of the Moussem festival of immigration and Tricontinentale (presented as an attachment) at the village hall of Gennevilliers, 167 avenue Gabriel Péri, 92230 , Gennevilliers.

Preparation of the Paris session of the Permanent Tribunal of Peoples

Gustave Massiah CEDETIM (Center for Studies and Initiatives of International Solidarity)
Braulio Moro FAL (France Latin America)
Justine Festjens, Elise De Menech (France Latin America)

Secretariat of the Paris TPP:

We, migrant and refugee and of solidarity and human rights organizations, calls for a Permanent Peoples Tribunal (PPT) PPT Session On the Violations with Impunity of the Human Rights of Migrant and Refugee Peoples in France: