WHAT IS HAPPENING – Dec 18, International Migrant Rights Day?

Together with the network of the Co-Convenors of the Permanent Peoples Tribunal (PPT) on the Rights of Migrant and Refugee Peoples, we have developed a joint Declaration and Call for International Migrant Rights Day on December 18th. In this we highlight key conclusions of the PPT held at the Hearing in Brussels on April 2019.  Currently we are circulating this Declaration for a broad Sign-on of organisations and it is available in 4 languages (EN/ES.FR & IT) at this link:


The proposal is to submit the Sign-On Statement on December 18th to the newly mandated European Comissioners dealing with 1) Asylum and Migration and 2) protection European ‘way of life’.


In April of this year, the Permanent Peoples Tribunal (PPT) in Brussels identified as “crimes against humanity and system crimes” the systematic violations presented in evidence at the Hearings of its 45th Session – held in Barcelona, Palermo, Paris, London and Brussels during 2017-2019.


The PPT identified that the European Union has a grave responsibility in generating a situation throughout Europe that is a “hostile environment’ where systematic violations of the rights of migrants and refugees are taking place. The magnitude of what is undoubtedly a serious crisis of human values and political failure is reflected in the following figures: since 2014, approximately 20,000 migrants, women, men, elderly, and children, have drowned trying to cross the Mediterranean.

Final Document on the sessions on the violation of human rights of migrants and Refugee people, Brussels – European Parliament, 9thApril 2019



See also Hearings 45th session on Rights of Migrants and Refugee people



The denial of human rights to migrant and refugees and criminalisation of solidarity is not only a reality in Europe but also in other global regions e.g US-Mexico border. There is no “crisis of migrants”. It is a crisis of the corporate driven economic and political system, resource wars and climate change resulting in massive forced displacement of peoples as well as the discriminatory state policies impacting on working and living conditions which  distort a reality that is part of the history of humankind – the right to migrate!


This 18th of December 2019, Co-Convenors and participants of the 45th Session of the Permanent People’s Tribunal (PPT) invite all to join in supporting and celebrating the solidarity and affirmation of Migrant and Refugee Rights on International Migrants Day.