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Name Event: Health for Refugee Women: Film and Discussion
Date: 18/12/2019
Time: 20:00
Place: Berlin, Moviemento Cinema.
Description: On the occasion of the International Migrants Day on the 18th of December 2020, the co-conveners of the Permanent Peoples` Tribunal hearing in Berlin want to draw the attention of the wider public to the deficits in the access to health care for refugee and migrant women in Germany. We will show the film “Testimonials from the uterus”, a documentary that was produced as part of the health project “Health care for all without discrimination” by Women in Exile.
In the film three refugee women give testimonies about different experiences they have had around their health issues and how the health care system treats them as asylum seekers. Furthermore, professionals supporting refugees reflect on what it means to be a non-citizen when trying to access the German health care system.
After the screening of the film, there will be a panel discussion.
Participants are:
• Daniellis Hernández Calderón (director)
• Halima Farah (Women in Exile)
• Dr. med. Gabriele Halder (gynecologist, Balance Family Planning Centre)
• Sabine Will (general practitioner and psychotherapist, IPPNW)
• Vera Macht (, Doctors of the World Germany).
Women in Exile e.V. will moderate the discussion. You will also have opportunity to ask questions.
The event starts at 8 PM in the Moviemento cinema in Kreuzberg and ends at 10 PM. It will take place as part of the preparatory process for a Permanent Peoples` Tribunal hearing on the human right to health and physical and mental integrity of refugees and migrants, which is planned to be held in Berlin in October 2020.

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Organisers: The co-conveners of the PPT hearing in Berlin