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The EU Pact on Migration and Asylum, recently presented by the European Commission (EC) in Brussels (September 23), turns human migratory movements into crimes and migrants and refugees into potential criminals who must be identified, and tracked in case of absconding, detained and returned to origin countries, regardless of the circumstances by which they reached EU borders.






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Why is this important? Fortress Europe of Borders and Sites without Rights

The Pact was compared by the EC Vice-President Schinas to a “house with three floors”, including:

1) The external dimension, focused around strengthened and specific partnerships with countries of origin and transit, designed to keep people in those countries and force the country under ”carrot-and-stick” schemes,  to readmit those able to reach Europe;

2) The management and militarisation of the EU external borders, with a reinforced FRONTEX and quicker “selection” procedures and return mechanisms to prevent people to set foot in Europe and

3) A so-called “solidarity” mechanism, which totally distorts the concept, and involves a division of responsibilities between states regarding the implementation of measures for the identification and control of migrants and refugees. These measures include restriction of human rights, repression at borders and prevention of rescue at sea from a humanitarian point of view - but without in any way recognizing the fundamental rights of migrant and refugee peoples and their communities. For them there are no rights and not even solidarity.

The Pact includes more references to the “no right” to enter or stay than to “human rights”, and uses repeatedly the idea of a smooth and seamless procedure leading to return and  reinforcing the strategy of a "Fortress Europe" that not only does not improve the current failed situation, but is launched as a warning to prevent and discourage migrants and refugee peoples.

Get involved!

To help maximise attention to this important issue, please consider not only signing-on to Global Pact of Solidarity but spreading the word and sharing this with as many interested parties as possible - in your Whatsapp groups, email lists, Facebook groups, Twitter and Instagram profiles... You can use this message template to go with it:

The #MORIA Camp on #Lesvos island was still smouldering from its devastating fire when the #EU Pact on #Migration and #Asylum was published. We refuse this EU Pact and the #necropolitics of #racist exclusion which it represents in the name of Europe’s security. ❌ We call for an end to camps, detention and borders, and inhuman labour and living conditions. We reach out globally, to all those who believe that to Migrate or Seek Asylum is not a Crime 🚫 – It is a Human Right.  Let us build together a Global Pact of Solidarity for Migrant and Refugee Rights! 🤚 We are participants in another Europe – a Europe of “We the peoples” – a democratic, inclusive Europe that we strive to create – which cherishes all her peoples equally. 👇 Sign on to the statement 👇 


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