This new Global Pact of Solidarity that we promote requires for its implementation the unitary and international effort of movements, organizations, collectives and social forces, and will be built from below, from our families, territories, communities and alliances. Therefore, we call on all people and organizations that confront the Global Pact for the Control of Migration of the States, to support and join this Alternative Pact of Solidarity and unity whose central axis is the defense of the full rights of migrants and refugees around the world.


Presentation Verdict Berlin and Global Pact of Solidarity!

December 16, 2020 (MEETING WILL BE ON ZOOM)

Programme in Spanish

Click here More information about the 45th Session of the PPT on Human Rights of Migrants and Refugee People

Activities of the PPT/Mobilisation network in Europe to celebrate International Migrants Day

LOndon, Paris, Almeria and BilBAO, Palermo

In promoting this discussion the Transnational Migrants Platform, Europe (TMP-E) and its supporters are organising a series of online events during the week 10-18 December which will provide opportunities to reflect on the current situation and also raise voices in protest against the worst of Europe’s measures. With its campaign to challenge the implementation of the new EU Pact on Migration and Asylum at the centre of plans for campaigning in 2021, TMP-E is working with organisations and individuals building grassroot community solidarity with migrant and refugee people across the region.

UK (London): The London PPT steering group is organising an online solidarity meeting as its contribution to the Europe-wide effort to mark IMD.  It will take place on Tuesday 15th December, starting at 6.30 pm GMT. More information

France (Paris): Du 18/12/20 au 20/12/20
Several organisations mobilised around the defence of the fundamental rights of migrants have launched a joint reflection to create a link between the initiatives that will be carried out on the occasion of International Migrants Day.

We propose to build a #CommonProgramme that would bring together the different events that will be organised to show beyond our differences, the commitment that we all have to induce a change of direction in terms of migration policies.

The hope is that this programme will reflect the diversity of movements committed to migrants’ rights and that it can lead to a great mobilisation with Act IV of the March of Undocumented Migrants, scheduled for Webinaires of December 18.

RV 18h Place de l’Opéra, puis marche vers le parvis de l’hôtel de ville de Paris pour tout le WE
Le 18 décembre, une grande manifestation partira à 18h d’Opéra, pour rejoindre la place de l’hôtel de Ville. La Cimade Ile-de-France y participera sous la forme d’un cortège, comme le 17/10. Nous vous y attendons nombreux et nombreuses

More information on the program More information on the march

Italy (Palermo): “La tutela del diritto alla vita e alla salute non può variare in funzione della nazionalità e della provenienza”. Ong, associazioni, studiosi e ricercatori sottoscrivono il documento con le proposte per rendere il sistema di accoglienza sicuro e dignitoso. More information Streaming presentation

Spain (Bilbao): Pastori Filigrana y Mikel Betelu hablan de las respuestas y propuestas que desde el sindicalismo se pueden ofrecer a las trabajadoras y trabajadores migrantes. 15 diciembre, martes 19:00. More information

Spain (Almería): Solo con la conciencia y la unidad de l@s trabajador@s del campo y del manipulado sera posible conseguir dignidad frente a esta patronal explotadora. Hay que sumar fuerzas el Domingo dia 20 salimos a las calles de El Ejido. Llego la hora! More information